Introduction to Deep Stillness - Omvana
Introduction to Deep Stillness - Tom Cronin

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Introduction to Deep Stillness

Tom Cronin

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Deep Stillness, created by Tom Cronin, is a daily practice for dissolving your stress and discovering a deep level of calm and happiness. Tom says: "Although the world is becoming smaller and we are becoming more connected, we are also becoming more stressed, tired, unhappy and disconnected. We are at a tipping point, and we can go one of two ways. Which way will it go? Learning the technique from Deep Stillness will enable you to reach real ‘peace of mind” and bring the very essence of who you are back into your life. This is a shift that is born out of the need of the time, and that time is now. We have all the technology, all the information, all the gadgets and hyper-stimulation, but one thing is missing... Stillness."