Introduction to reprogram your mind - Omvana
Introduction to reprogram your mind - Mahima

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Introduction to reprogram your mind


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What we believe, think and feel is impacting the reality we live in and influencing what we are creating in our everyday lives. This course will help you develop healthier new ways of thinking, feeling, looking at yourself and the world. Planting new empowering ideas, into your conscious and subconscious mind, is paramount to changing old limiting habits that no longer serve you to be powerful, peaceful and happy right now. Reprogram your mind is a series of mind expanding motivational and inspirational talks that will open up your mind and prepare it for meditation, making it easier to ease into and quickly reach deeper states of inner peace and happiness now. After each talk you will do a five-minute meditation. Get clear down to earth instruction on how you need to be thinking and feeling to make fast progress in your personal growth. Gain valuable insights that will prepare your heart and mind for deeper experiences of peace.