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Speed Reading Skills

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The Speed Reading Skills hypnosis session will help you quickly and confidently breeze through any text in just minutes! This program begins by discussing some techniques you can use to quickly master speed reading – such as stopping subvocalization. You’ll find your reading speed dramatically improved within just minutes of listening. Then, the audio guides you through a powerful hypnosis and NLP audio technique, to help install such powerful speed reading techniques directly to your core. You’ll begin using them naturally, helping you to read faster and absorb information quicker. Simply download the session, slip on your headphones and listen, to discover how to: Master the art of speed reading, all in just 45 minutes Absorb text rapidly, without having to dwell on every word Use techniques such as zero subvocalization and zigzag reading Install these techniques into your core, using hypnosis Reduce the time you spend studying and become super-productive